Casino Portal Sites Brand Listings

The Casino Portal Sites Brand Listing Placement sees your brand/offer displayed accross our casino portal network. A short snapshot version and detailed information displayed with screenshots and links to landing page, general terms and offer terms and conditions. .

Casino Directory Listing & Search Listings

Casino Directory Listing and Search Results are displayed throughout our Gambling Directory site. Short snapshot version and deyailed information displayed together with site visitors being able to vote for your brand/offer.

Run of Network Creative Ad Media

Run of network creative ad media is displayed across our entire property network and will include upto 6 media ads per sizes 728x90 and 250x250 animated max 5 frame ads. All run of network creative media is placed in random rotation with the ability to target your Ad Media to browser languages and country ips.

Daily Prize Draw & Promotional Solo Mail

A single exclusive maildrop delivered in rich media html direct to all member subscribers. Advertiser must also provide 3 x prizes that will be shipped to the daily prize draw winners of each sponsored draw. Minimum Prize value 50 per prize. Solo Maildrops are also delivered in rich media html direct to all member/newsletter subscribers.

Prize Draw Mail Sponsor Spot

The email anouncing the winners of the daily prize draw will include the promotion of your brand/offer with image, text and call to action link.

Weekly Newsletter

Monthly Side Bar Solo Featured Casino

The side bar solo featured casino sees your brand/offer displayed exclusively across our casino portal network with image block, text and call to action link.

Monthly Top Of Page Featured Casinos

The monthly top of page featured casinos placement sees a maximum of three featured casinos displayed accross our casino portal network with snapshot quick view information, logo, tag line, offer and link to your casino or more information.